Student Testimonials

Triple S Review Services…. REVIEWS of US!

One of the best review courses I’ve had. Kate B

I’m a better labor and delivery nurse because of this course! Stacey H

Overall greatest review I have ever gotten! I passed my RNC-OB and I would like to thank MAMA SWILLEY for that! Just by going over the material and listening to the sections and doing questions, it really helped me to understand! Carly H

Worth the money! Learned so much! Passed on my first try! Thanks, Triple S Ismamer R

Thank you for this outstanding course! I felt extremely well-prepared for my exam, but I also learned a vast amount of information to bring back to the bedside and improve my clinical practice. C-EFM Sarah S

Amazing review Course! Stephanie is so knowledgeable, engaging, and funny. I felt very prepared for the test and learned so much! Stacy R

Excellent course. Fun to listen to/watch, would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues! And I passed my exam C-EFM. Krystal B

Thank you for this education. I really liked all of the content and it made me feel very confident for the RNC-OB exam. Sarah T

Excellent webinar! Definitely helped me prepare for the RNC-OB Exam. Alicia A

So helpful! Passed by C-EFM test with flying colors. Elizabeth D

Love your personality. It makes sitting in front of the computer and knocking this out so much better. Alecia A

Such good content. I have been a nurse for 13 years and this aligned some dots. For example, IUGR should equal oligo. No one explained it. Just memorized it. BOOM! You explained it. Thank-you. Ashton H

P.S. I passed. Thank you Jessica P

the webinar. Very thorough. Patho broke down and discussed in detail. I will recommend you to other OB nurses. Ana G

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and went into the test super confident! Thank-you! Briana K

Amazing content for L&D nurses. Great review. I feel confident for testing and more confident at the bedside.

This was an awesome and eye-opening educational experience. I learned so much even as a 6th-year L&D RN. Thank-you! M R

So much good information!! OB Brain overload! I can’t wait to apply all of this at the bedside! Shadye R